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Get the best of Trader Joe’s snacks and other premium munchies for all your unique cravings. We are based in Toronto but ship within Canada

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Trader Joe’s has to be the best grocery store in the USA right now.  Fresh food, healthy organic products, and interesting worldly flavours make it an instant hit.  Best of all, they must have kidnapped the world’s best flavour scientists because they have the best in-house snacks.

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s has no immediate plans of bringing their awesomeness to Canada, so we’re offering the best of Trader Joe snacks from our own personal stash.  For a full list of everything we have, click here.

best of trader joe's

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We know our Trader Joe’s snacks. We’ve taken the best of what Trader Joe’s offers and made combo packs to fill your cravings while saving you on shipping.

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Best of Trader Joe's


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