Best Of Trader Joe's Sweets Gift Pack


Best Of Trader Joe’s Sweets Gift Pack


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We picked the highest reviewed and all-time Trader Joe’s favourite sweet snacks and put them together for you. Great to give to a Trader Joe’s first-timer or if you just want to indulge for yourself. The Everything But The Bagel Spice is also thrown in because, even though it’s not exactly sweet, it’s a must-have in any Trader Joe’s combo. The gift pack includes:

1 x Speculoos Cookie Butter

1 x Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

1 x Everything But The Bagel Spice

1 x Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies

1 x Triple Ginger Snaps

1 x Coconut Strips

1 x Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar

1 x Cocoa Batons

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