Best Of Trader Joe's Ultimate Gift Pack


Best Of Trader Joe’s Ultimate Gift Pack


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Combine our “Best of Trader Joe’s” gift packs, plus get one Trader Joe’s long-lasting pop-up sponge and an extra Cold Brew Coffee Chocolate Bar. Optional: you can choose to swap out the second cookie butter for crunchy cookie butter.

1 x Speculoos Cookie Butter,  1 x Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, 1 x Everything But The Bagel Spice, 1 x
Belgian Butter Waffle Cookies, 1 x Triple Ginger Snaps, 1 x Coconut Strips, 1 x Chocolate Mint Stars, 1 x Cocoa Batons

1 x Crystallized Ginger, 1 x Garlic Salt With Grinder, 1 x Everything But The Bagel Spice, 

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